Complete the form below to apply for membership. All college and high school students are welcome to become members. If there is no chapter in your area, you will have the option to start one at the end of this application process, if desired.


What 3 careers interest you the most?

What 4 hobbies / activities interest you the most?

I agree to pledge allegiance to self-improvement and overall personal development. I pledge to study and to discipline myself mentally, physically and spiritually. When I am challenged, I pledge to face it with faith, discipline and strength. I pledge to stand firm on righteousness with the Creator as my guide. I pledge to live my life practicing principles that are reflective of The Creator's greatness and the greatness of myself. I pledge to stand up, speak out and to be a leader, as it relates to issues that impact the goodness of our society and to work with other young people to directly address and/or speak out, in an effort to effectuate change.

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